Tell us more about your background?

Hi dear Wilf, first of all, I want to thank you a lot for taking me onboard and do my first interview. For me it is very unusual to be in the role of interviewee instead of doing the questioning myself.

The world of TECHNO is improving every day and more than 30 years of Techno Music is with us. A guide to the world of TECHNO appeared surprisingly, in Russia, glad to introduce myself Ольга Година (Olga Godina), from Moscow, the 1st techno blogger in the world.

Before me, there was no such tag related to techno music as a techno blogger, I brought it to the industry. Today I am publishing my work with 8 different international techno portals: Dj Music, 6AM, TECHNO AND RAVE, World Techno, Ibiza Party Stars, Techno Underground, Hammarica, Dance Addicted. Articles, reviews, interviews, videos with a combined audience of more than 500.000 people.

How did you first discover techno?

It was more then 10 years ago but for a long time I listened to all types of electronic music. All changed after 2016 in Ibiza, I was at a lot of techno parties. After several months I decided to go to the Mecca of techno, Berlin and spent my weekend in Berghain. It was a great experience and it influenced me a lot. Ibiza and Berlin are my favorite cities to visit and each time I discover something new.


You’ve interviewed a lot of techno artists on a lot of different platforms. Which interview did you like most.

I made 22 interviews, 6 articles and 6 reviews accepted by the Dj`s, btw not a bad result for 1,5 year.
Talking about my favorite interview, I can admire the first interview with Thomas P. Heckmann. Thomas is a very special person to me. I consider him my godfather in techno. He believed in me and agreed to give an interview in Berlin. I am very happy to meet and communicate with this incredible man. He is a wonderful musician, with a frenzied energy and drive, who has been respected by people for many years, a legend. This interview was very important for me. It gained me confidence and encouraged me to take further steps in this direction.

Do you aspire to start DJing yourself and or producing?

No I don`t. I took two lessons of DJing to know more about the musical process but I think that it would be more useful to write about this than to play, I feel there are more opportunities in this sphere.

Which event you attended was most special to you?

In November 2018, after visiting the club night and stunning emotions of the set by Samuel Kerridge, I wrote an article about Berghain. The set of this Dj inspired me to write an article about this outstanding club. It has more than 1000 reposts. This article was noticed by an international techno portal and they suggested to collaborate. It was the beginning of my techno blogging way.

I could not imagine that very soon we would know each other personally, communicate in a friendly way. He told me a lot of interesting details related to his creative musical activities. Despite the connecting flight, the loss of luggage, the sound check, it is incredible that Samuel Kerridge found time for the video interview in Saint Petersburg before his set at the Gamma Festival.

What’s your personal top 10 of techno records and tell us more about your favorite one.

There are many, today my short list of Tack ID are:

1. Drax – Amphetamine (this is my favorite one)
2. Emmanuel Top – Tone
3. Dax J – Opressor
4. SNTS – Oblivion
5. Klangkuenstler – Balthazar
6. Jeff Mills – The Bells
7. Jacidorex – Trave
8. Adriano Canzian – Come with Me
9. Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch – Transmission 1
10. [KRTM] – Baldboy

How do you envision the future of techno?

Techno, it’s not just tracks and performances of your favorite Dj`s on parties and raves. It is a whole culture, style, way of thinking and life. I deeply respect techno and consider the direction of this music, a cultural heritage that will be passed down from generation to generation. I want to develop this trend and motivate followers for new steps.

Would you like to share anything else with our readers?

I want to share my motto: Techno lives in our souls!

Where can people find you online?

My Facebook page is a blog, I also have a YouTube channel and Instagram.

Thanks Olga for taking the time for this interview.