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Find Yourself Lost in The Infectious Soundscape of Techno Music With Luca Draccar’s EP “Sugar”

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Sugar is the title of electronic music producer’s Luca Draccar’s latest EP. The project is comprised of three beat-heavy tracks that appear to revolve around a twisted love affair. Luca Draccar is a Berlin-based Italian producer mainly noted for his unique amalgamation of trance and exotic groove. Draccar’s new work carries […]

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Luca Draccar

Listen To ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ – The New EP By Berlin Based Artist Luca Draccar

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Neo Noir Plaisir is the title of Luca Draccar’s latest effort. The project consists of three exotic dance tracks that incorporates a host of diverse ideas into its musical structure. The Berlin-based producer with Italian roots continues to find new ways of reinventing his sound as Neo Noir Plaisir is a […]

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Colors Ft. Guro – A Sexy New Sound From Braunfufel

Listen Here Promoted Post Hailing from Russia, 26-year-old Braunfufel is a growing star in the world of EDM. Tracks such as Treasured Memories, released on Spinnin’ Records, have shot up the streaming charts. This one, in particular, gained over 2 million streams on Spotify.  Part of this appeal is Braunfufel’s refusal to compromise his signature […]

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