1. Reza you were inspired by artists like Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, whom you could mention now?
Since Dubfire is an Iranian artist he has always been an inspiration for me and many others in the scene there are also other guys like Matador, Maksim Dark, and also my good friend BOHO

2. You are playing in different styles of Electronic Music such as Techno, Progressive and Deep House. What is your favorite one?
I used Make Deep House and Progressive House a few years ago but right now it’s only Techno and I don’t even listen to other genres of music.

3. Your first release “Searching” made it straight into the charts of some Big Heads of the scene. What do you feel when you are in charts with such big names as Paul Oakenfold or Sasha and Robbie Rivera?
Yes the track searching entered the charts at some platforms and it was too exciting for me to see the artists in the same chart who I used to listen to their music many years ago. when i was 18 and listened to Sasha i wouldn’t even dream of it that one day i enter the Traxsource chart with his name over mine

4. Reza, what have you been doing lately? Are there any interesting releases being prepared or are there any new projects of your own?
I just had my EP released by my favorite label Phobos records and my upcoming release will be out in September by Jannowitz Records. I am also working on some projects with BOHO since our collaboration Medusa was too successful this time we aim for some of the biggest labels in the Techno genre.

5. What was the longest set that you’ve played?
I think it’s been around 5,6 hours, i am a bit lazy for playing music so i usually keep it normal around 2,3 hours 😁 but it’s the opposite in the studio! i remember working on a track for 48 hours without any sleep and I could do it even longer! I never get tired of making music but abit lazy for long sets! 😉

6. You are touring a lot, do you have any favorite places to perform?
Unfortunately Raving is illegal in my own country! We can make music but we can’t perform! We don’t have any clubs in Iran and all the parties are underground i think my favorite place to perform is in my own country in a big legal event not and underground rave! without being afraid of getting arrested

7. During the quarantine, many artists kept in touch with their fans, arranging regular online broadcasts of concerts and DJ sets. How did you spend the quarantine?
During the quarantine I spent all the time making music, I think as a producer the best thing I could do for my fans was making new tracks for them, that’s what they always expect me doing so I never fail to satisfy them

8. Your music is always very inventive and accommodates many different styles. Do you see any new musical direction that has a fresh sound and ideas that can soon become a noticeable phenomenon?
I usually try combining sounds from different genres of music! Sometimes in one track my sound design includes many styles of Electronic Music for example my bassline comes from progressive Trance my synthline comes from Electro and Dub step and my general groove is Minimal Techno! This is how I do it usually to make my tracks sound different from others!

9. What was the most difficult thing for you in a musical career?
Choosing Music Production as a career without having another job was a very big risk, there were many people around me telling me it’s a big mistake and I should do this as a part time job but I never listened and moved on! Yes I sometimes face financial problems but at least I do what I love! I just live once! ☺

10. What do you dream about and what do you do to fulfill your desires?
From the day I started I always had plans and goals, I don’t consider them as dreams and I got things to accomplish! And I won’t give up till I reach all of them. I just want to be the best in my job!

11. What are you next plans?
Next plans: Connecting with Lars was a great thing for me to happen. Because there many similarities between us, aside from technical stuff he is really serious and ambitious in his work exactly the way I am. We make music together and he also manages my stuff finding the right labels for me and tell me what to do! As we have planned I should only focus on big labels from now on. Less releases during the year but from big labels of the scene! 🙏