David Nöldner aka Ghool is a guy in his mid-20‘s. He was born and raised in Germany and experienced a lot of racism and bullying in his childhood, which took away almost his whole his self-esteem and made him shy and depressive.

He discovered techno five years ago (but also loves downtempo) and started producing and playing downtempo. However, there was always something missing and unsatisfying in doing that, so he searched for something more hard and dark and just rediscovered techno.

David says that, if it were possible for him, then he would stop everything except for creating new techno! Techno also helps him to process his past and finally learn to express himself. David only has the problem, that when he thinks of known and still active techno musicians, who are black, he thinks of Carl Cox and DJ Rush, etc but he doesn’t know any of his generation. David dreams to become a new role model to encourage kids, who face the same problems in their childhood and show them, that they can make it – even in techno, even though it’s hard to make it there.
When he writes me about the possibility of making the interview I agree and wish him all the best in his musical career. #BLM and Black music matters, no racism in musical industry as well. We are all equal.

1. David, tell us more about your tracks: Accelerator (Original Mix),
Timo Revna – Egotrip (Ghool Remix), Amos Alving – Alarm (Ghool Remix)
Dissociation Is Just Astral Projection For Introverts (Original Mix). Where we can hear them and when will be released several more? Shine (Original Mix) • unreleased
Torschluss (Original Mix) • unreleased.

You can hear them on almost every distribution and streaming platform except Accelerator because of the high amount of tracks in this EP. The next already scheduled release will be my first EP named ‚Torschluss‘ with two tracks. Beside that two other EPs are getting released and some tracks produced alongside with an talented artist and friend, performing as RRADE.


2. You are from Aachen, Germany, this town stays near Holland, has it influenced your music?

I’m originally from Kassel in the middle of Germany, which didn’t inspire me at all but moved to Aachen years ago. To answer your question regarding Aachen: Yeah, it really did. This city has a unique landscape and is the place, where I produced almost every single track and where I’m constantly finding my style and of my friends, who definitely inspire me also beside the music. I‘m heavily influenced by techno from the Netherlands but at the moment less than techno from Belgian and French artists.

3. How did you come to DJing and producing techno?

I taught myself producing approximately after moving into my first apartment room in Aachen.
At that time, I was totally into metal, ambient, industrial and gothic and later I asked the organizer of a small gothic party series, if I could play there. She was letting me play my first set. At the same time, I growled in a metal band and was still producing downtempo and invited musicians to make a podcast series.
Later I fell into a depressive hole, which made it impossible for me to continue growling and producing until I discovered techno, went to more techno raves and got obsessed with this kind of music and started teaching myself producing techno seriously.

4. What’s the next event you’ll be playing at?

A live stream at the end of the month by T-Records, a label from a friend from here. I’m very excited to play in a stream but sadly that is the only booking I recieved lately.

5. How popular are novice DJs? Is it difficult to find a job?

I wouldn’t say that popular. It may not sound positive or fair but I often think that, because it’s very unlikely to get popular until you get the chance to convince influential artists, promoters or groups of your genre to prove your skills and getting them supporting you somehow or collaborate with you, which definitely let your popularity grow.
I can’t imagine, that you can only let the music speak for itself anymore to reach this.
You need supporters, popular or people more influential the yourself.

6. Does a DJ need a Manager, a promoter, or it`s better manage on by own, what do you feel?

I‘d say that it depends on the artist. Some are doing well in managing and promoting and others don’t. Especially if you are a big artist and every free time you get is for yourself or producing, then you should definitely have one. I am a person, who isn’t the greatest in self-managing and quite bad in promoting myself or establishing networks, so I think I would need both, since I‘m doing it myself, which worked barely at the beginning but gets better.

7. How do you select music for a set?

I listen to lot of sets, have some friends showing me which tracks they found and like. Since I produce in a more satisfying level, that I like some of them myself, I choose them by thinking of how much they match with my tracks and put them into iTunes playlists in the order I would play them and try it out.

8. Do you play vinyl, if not, would you like to learn? Which albums of musicians are you particularly fond of?

No, I don’t.
I‘d love to but never had the chance to learn it. If there is someone who wants to teach me playing vinyl, then please contact me. My all time favorite albums are Musick to Play in the Dark 1 + 2 and The Ape of Naples from Coil, Excavation from The Haxan Cloak, Black One from Sunn O))), Homogenic from Björk and Mr. Bungle‘s Mr. Bungle. Speaking of techno, I prefer EP‘s, VA‘s or single releases.

9. How do you see your further development? What are your plans for the future?

I will keep producing music if possible in every free time I have and bringing in more my gusto for dark aesthetics into my productions, lifestyle and maybe appearance.
If it’s possible for me, then I want to reach more people with my music, play in as much venues as I can and reach more and more the goal of being able to live from producing and playing techno. Beside that I‘m going to continue studying because I also always wanted to graduate.




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