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Tiesto has informed management to only accept gigs for exposure

TIESTO, one of dance music’s richest players shocked everyone today announcing he is tired of making so much money. And therefore will only accept gigs for exposure instead of monetary remuneration.

He has come a long way from playing the local bar in his hometown of Breda in The Netherlands to making millions in Vegas night after night.

During these last few years Tiesto has bought every Lamborghini imaginable… twice. And his vast car collection contains many classics as well. Not to mention his love for SUV’s and other luxury sports cars of course.

tiesto car collection

Just to piss off Donald Trump, he built penthouses on top of ALL Trump’s penthouses.

He has many homes and *fun fact* these homes don’t have showers, they have indoor waterfalls.

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TIESTO has literally bought everything a man can buy. He has all that you have but better and plenty more.. He has so much money, Chuck Norris is jealous.

So all this made Tiesto rather bored. If you have it all, what more can you wish for?

Therefore, he wants to go back to his roots. Back to the days when he played the backroom in Breda’s tiny dance club where he had to clean the restrooms afterwards. Oh and he didn’t get paid. Back then it was all for exposure.

So that’s why Tiesto has informed management to only accept gigs for exposure, because really, it’s not about the money $$$


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