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EHarmony, the dating site marketed to seniors and other old people announced that its CEO and co-founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren stepped down this week.

The new CEO Grant Langston got to work quickly and with remarkable success.

In an effort to cater to a new, younger audience, a photography team took marketing photos at a nightclub and a new slogan was created ‘Are You on E?’ – For one reason or another it resonated and caused a massive flood of millennials to sign up for the site.

Langston: “It feels great to see so many young people signing up to our website now. I really wanted a slogan that was short and catchy, so I shortened EHarmony just to ‘E’. Little did I know it would become so successful. I couldn’t really pinpoint as to why all these young people are signing up, but I’m loving it. And I must be a genius although I really have no clue why.

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